Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween By: Cindy Sanabria

Hello all,

Today was a great day. I went to Chiller theater with a couple of members from WriterScene, Christina and Stephen. We had a blast. Got lots of great things. Saw Linda Blair and Elvira. Aside from that just wanted to update you on the latest news. Tomorrow is my pre-production meeting with the actors for my film short "The Last shot" This is an exciting project because it is my first shot on 16mm film. This film will be one of the films shown at our event January 23, 2010. If all goes well with our sponsors, we will be able to provide admission to the events free of charge. Stay tuned to latest updates on our WriterScene Blog.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Blog-By: Jessica Carey

Today this is where I’m at I currently am working on my pre-production for – yes I finally settled on a name-“Darkroom” (and finishing it up quite quickly I might add). There are several things on my plate right now one of which is the proposal for donations of items to be given away at our variety show that is in the works. I am very excited about that because this is like our introduction to the world… or at least New York! Our work will be show (“Darkroom” included! - shameless plug I know but hey…) and Writerscene will have a chance to grow. Personally, I am excited to say that I receive a scholarship in order to continue my education at City College. So, if anyone else would like to give me a scholarship let me know! LOL! Well, I’ll keep everyone updated on things next week!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Apocalypse Blog by: Yury Delatorre

As he wakes up from his ferocious nightmare, Yury, the man, (as Stephen once put it...) knocks on wood back to the reality of his ultimate mission. Like a soldier he gets up only to remember that he must execute all his tasks because he has… SO MUCH SH#!$ TO DO! It just never ends! That’s a good thing though!
As my colleagues mentioned, we, Writerscene, have so much work to do! Once again that’s a GREAT THANG! It’s fun trying to keep up. From meetings to being a zombie, from writing minutes to looking out for Poopa (Cindy’s baby) is what teamwork is all about. This is when you know you love and have the passion for what you’re doing. And what is that we are doing anyway? We simply want to create movies! The thing is that now it’s getting more complicated because we’re opening doors to new genres, ideas and formats. As you can see we are blogging. I wasn’t expecting this.
We, Writerscene, are expanding our horizons! And I see land, I say… LAND… NEW LAND! Yes my people! We have lots of missions. Let the revelations continue. We need everyone’s support and we admire & love criticism because it makes us better and stronger as a team. Its lots of hard work but like a professor once told me, “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it” and, “What social life? Work is my social life”. Don’t get me wrong my friends I like hanging out like any other human being but when it comes to work, I pay my dues! Salud! This is my “Apocalypse Blog”.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WriterScene update by Cindy Sanabria

It's Tuesday folks and I am very excited to share the wonderful news with you. I just finished our first fundraising proposal. I am very happy about accomplishing this task because it's the first one I've ever written. Anyway, hopefully now we can receive the funds we need in order to kick out better quality films with some type of budget. Also we are planning a major event next year where we will offer you a chance to come view our screenings at nearby theaters. Yay! Help support us so we can be more productive. We really value your feedback and loyalty to our group and the videos we post. We work really hard to bring you entertainment. As soon as we work out the kinks with our site new videos will be posted more frequent. We have lots in store for you guys so stay tuned and thanks again. We love you!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Stephen's Blog

I have to write a blog every Monday. I hate Mondays. I hate Mondays with the passion of a virgin on prom night. The only thing I hate more than Mondays is my life. But that is a different suicide note all together. Anyway I’m digressing; being in WriterScene means making movies and having fun. I use it as an escape from my life. There I go again…. We have so many projects coming up that I will be busy for a while and probably won’t have much time to think about anything else. The next couple of months will be very interesting and WriterScene will be posting a lot of great films. This is a great time for us and we have come a long way from the company’s start last year. So stay tuned and stay positive.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Writerscene update and movie review

Good day People,

It is officially Sunday morning and the first draft of the fundraising proposal is finally done. Today we are shooting "Dreamer" Written and Directed by Carlos Morales, Executive producer-Assistant Director- Cinematography and make-up by yours truly Cindy Sanabria, 2nd Assistant director-Christina Figueroa, Sound-Biadel Hernandez and Grip/Gaffer work by Yury Delatorre, Starring Stephen Steinberg as "Johnathan", Carlos Morales as "Mark" and Christina figueroa as "Mysterious woman". Featuring Yury Delatorre and Marie Mompointe as passing couple and a special guest appearance with Rie Ito. This short film is the first of an upcoming series Written and Directed by Carlos Morales. Logline for series:If you could solve everyone's problems with your dreams would you? What if their dreams became your worst nightmare? "Dreamer" is a story about a lonely man that finds his dream girl or so it seems...Stay tuned to a WriterScene near you.

I'd like to end this blog for today with a special movie review. Last night I saw "Death Note" a phenomenal Japanese thriller film based on the Comic book series. This film is directed by Shusuke Kaneko. Light is a phenomenal student that comes across a notebook that grants him the ability to take one's life by writing their names in the book. With a case building against him, Light tries to outwit the chase by killing more and more people meticulously. The story escalates and was quite intriguing leaving room for a nice suspenseful ending. If you get a chance to watch this movie, do so. I give the film 5 full reels.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Movie review by Cindy Sanabria

Hey Guys,

Just thought I'd share with you my opinion from the last two movies that I've seen. Just in case you would like to check them out for yourself. The first is a horror/werewolf film titled "The company of wolves" Directed by Neil Jordan. Co-stars Angela Lansbury, David Warner and Stephen Rea. It has the feel of a dark fairy tale focusing on Werewolves. I liked this movie because it has a dreamy effect(they definetly use a lot of filters and lenses). The film was released in 1984 and some of the make-up special effects were pretty cool for that time. I'm a huge fan of werewolf films and I find myself watching them a lot lately because my next feature project involves a story about a werewolf. If I had to rate it I give it 3 1/2 out of five reels.

The second film was George Romero's 1973 horror classic "The Crazies". I must admit when I first saw the preview of the remake in theaters last week, I was stoked to watch the original version. I must say, I was quite disappointed. It was very drawn out. A lot of dialogue and a very annoying military drum beat played throughout the film. I am however looking forward to the remake. I'm a huge Romero fan but I did not like this film. Pretty simple shots. Just in case you're curious about the story, It's about the military trying to contain a virus that had been spread due to a contamination of a toxic substance in a small town's water supply. The virus causes people to go "CRAZY" hence the name. I give it one out of five reels for his efforts.