Monday, November 2, 2009

Dexter Episode 6 - If I Had A Hammer

The serial killer we all know and love is back at it again in Season 4 but now he has a family to juggle along with his blood spatter analysis and serial killing hunt. Dexter pulls elements of love, family, violence, and self discovery into all of its episodes with this one as no exception. We begin by seeing how he needs to change his relationship with Rita now that they're married.
He finds himself aspiring to be more like his next target, the Trinity killer, who effectively masks his killer hobby with religion, charity, and a loving family. Compared to Dexter, he blends into the general public much better. As Dexter gets closer to Trinity, he gains the murder weapon and uses it to build a shed to keep his private belongings in the back yard.

Aside from the story line, Dexter has many small details that provide a stimulating visual. Using blood, weapons, and crime scene analysis to enrich the scene. One of my favorite scenes is the reenactment of the bludgeoning of Trinity's latest victim. The harsh red against the white background provide a lavish picture. I also enjoyed the extreme close up of Trinity and Dexter as they shake hands during their first encounter.

All in all Dexter provides some serious entertainment with some dark flavor. Tune in on Showtime on Sundays at 9.

-Sally Hassan