Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Apocalypse Blog by: Yury Delatorre

As he wakes up from his ferocious nightmare, Yury, the man, (as Stephen once put it...) knocks on wood back to the reality of his ultimate mission. Like a soldier he gets up only to remember that he must execute all his tasks because he has… SO MUCH SH#!$ TO DO! It just never ends! That’s a good thing though!
As my colleagues mentioned, we, Writerscene, have so much work to do! Once again that’s a GREAT THANG! It’s fun trying to keep up. From meetings to being a zombie, from writing minutes to looking out for Poopa (Cindy’s baby) is what teamwork is all about. This is when you know you love and have the passion for what you’re doing. And what is that we are doing anyway? We simply want to create movies! The thing is that now it’s getting more complicated because we’re opening doors to new genres, ideas and formats. As you can see we are blogging. I wasn’t expecting this.
We, Writerscene, are expanding our horizons! And I see land, I say… LAND… NEW LAND! Yes my people! We have lots of missions. Let the revelations continue. We need everyone’s support and we admire & love criticism because it makes us better and stronger as a team. Its lots of hard work but like a professor once told me, “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it” and, “What social life? Work is my social life”. Don’t get me wrong my friends I like hanging out like any other human being but when it comes to work, I pay my dues! Salud! This is my “Apocalypse Blog”.