Saturday, October 24, 2009

Writerscene update and movie review

Good day People,

It is officially Sunday morning and the first draft of the fundraising proposal is finally done. Today we are shooting "Dreamer" Written and Directed by Carlos Morales, Executive producer-Assistant Director- Cinematography and make-up by yours truly Cindy Sanabria, 2nd Assistant director-Christina Figueroa, Sound-Biadel Hernandez and Grip/Gaffer work by Yury Delatorre, Starring Stephen Steinberg as "Johnathan", Carlos Morales as "Mark" and Christina figueroa as "Mysterious woman". Featuring Yury Delatorre and Marie Mompointe as passing couple and a special guest appearance with Rie Ito. This short film is the first of an upcoming series Written and Directed by Carlos Morales. Logline for series:If you could solve everyone's problems with your dreams would you? What if their dreams became your worst nightmare? "Dreamer" is a story about a lonely man that finds his dream girl or so it seems...Stay tuned to a WriterScene near you.

I'd like to end this blog for today with a special movie review. Last night I saw "Death Note" a phenomenal Japanese thriller film based on the Comic book series. This film is directed by Shusuke Kaneko. Light is a phenomenal student that comes across a notebook that grants him the ability to take one's life by writing their names in the book. With a case building against him, Light tries to outwit the chase by killing more and more people meticulously. The story escalates and was quite intriguing leaving room for a nice suspenseful ending. If you get a chance to watch this movie, do so. I give the film 5 full reels.