Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Blog-By: Jessica Carey

Today this is where I’m at I currently am working on my pre-production for – yes I finally settled on a name-“Darkroom” (and finishing it up quite quickly I might add). There are several things on my plate right now one of which is the proposal for donations of items to be given away at our variety show that is in the works. I am very excited about that because this is like our introduction to the world… or at least New York! Our work will be show (“Darkroom” included! - shameless plug I know but hey…) and Writerscene will have a chance to grow. Personally, I am excited to say that I receive a scholarship in order to continue my education at City College. So, if anyone else would like to give me a scholarship let me know! LOL! Well, I’ll keep everyone updated on things next week!