Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WriterScene update by Cindy Sanabria

It's Tuesday folks and I am very excited to share the wonderful news with you. I just finished our first fundraising proposal. I am very happy about accomplishing this task because it's the first one I've ever written. Anyway, hopefully now we can receive the funds we need in order to kick out better quality films with some type of budget. Also we are planning a major event next year where we will offer you a chance to come view our screenings at nearby theaters. Yay! Help support us so we can be more productive. We really value your feedback and loyalty to our group and the videos we post. We work really hard to bring you entertainment. As soon as we work out the kinks with our site new videos will be posted more frequent. We have lots in store for you guys so stay tuned and thanks again. We love you!