Saturday, November 7, 2009

"The Last Shot"- By: Cindy Sanabria

Hey Everybody,

I'm on day two of my film shoot and I gotta tell you it's a lot of work but a very fun project. Everybody has been working very hard to deliver you a quality piece. I am very thankful for having such a supportive crew. Because this is my first time shooting a film on a 16mm Bolex, I decided to shoot in both film and video (Just in case). So far it looks like it is coming along well. We will see the end result and hopefully it achieves the look and feel I wanted. The last shot should be the second of seven films for a thriller/horror compilation I am putting together. I am multi tasking like crazy. In addition to writing and scout locating this piece, I'm also filming, directing, producing, working with lighting, photography and make-up. It's a hell of a job but the pleasure is all mine indeed. I'd also like to give special thanks to Rie and Yury for assisting me as my 2nd camera person and to Ahmed, John, Isis and Carlos Rivera for their acting roles as well. A big shout out to Carlos Morales who has the leading role in this film. He has endured a lot in this film and has been a great sport and professional actor throughout the shoot thus far. I would tell you what I mean but then I would be giving away all the juicy details of the final product so I choose to keep it a secret for now until you see it for yourself. Post-Production will commence this Wednesday and I will work round the clock to bring you a finished product by the end of this month. There are no guarentees that you will be able to view the film in it's entirety until January of 2010 because I would really like for you to see it on a big screen but I can promise you that I will have a little taste for you with either a trailer or a teaser. Well I'm out. Gotta go print o these pictures for the final scene tomorrow.