Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rosie's Blog

Hello! Welcome to the Writerscene blog! This is my first post and I am very excited to talk to you guys about my 3 minute short film. It is my first time shooting in 16mm. I am very excited and nervous about it. Shooting on film is extremely tedious and risky as opposed to shooting on video where you actually see what you are filming live on a LCD screen. I have been working on my pre-production package for the last week and I am almost done. Yesterday, I met with the three actors, my roommate Nicole and my friends Zach and Mac. We took some pictures of Nicole and Mac as a couple. I plan on using these photos for props. I will frame them and put them around the apartment. Because of the fact that my film is silent, I was thinking of ways I could communicate to the audience that she has a boyfriend, and lives with him. I think pictures would be the best way to do this. Other than that we discussed the film and answered any questions or concerns regarding the shoot. They admit they are nervous about the shoot because of the racy material. I assured them that all will be fine. ;0) Check out a brief synopsis below. Till next time....

Lizzie, a doting wife plans a night at home to celebrate ,her husband, David's birthday. She finds him in a compromising position and as a result her life has gone in a downward spiral. Now a alcoholic, Lizzie has an uncontrollable desire to drown her sorrows in Vodka. On a liquor run, she sees David and suddenly relives agonizing flashbacks and we learn who is David's unexpected new love.