Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blog 90! By: Yury Delatorre

This is going to be the fastest blog on earth! What should I talk about? Oh yea! The Yankees! How is it relevant?
For those who hate the Yanks, that’s not the point. The point is teamwork. No, I’m not holding a baseball bat in the middle of a meeting like Al Capone in, “The Untouchables”. On that same note (I think), well the Phillies too. They all worked hard together as a team to achieve the same goal. Yeah the Yanks won but the Phillies gave them a good fight (I’ll leave that opinion open…).
Who cares who’s better than whomever, throw the egotistical mindset away. Sticking together and having each other’s back is what helps climb higher. Well ladies and gents! Gotta go! Don’t stop the blog-car but I got to jump off though going 90 (mph)!

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  1. Yury I think you're the most sexiest talented man ever existed since Jesus and Leonardo Da Vinci!!!